Cedar Aromatic Closets

Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar is naturally durable and repels moths and other insects. It has a pleasant natural fragrance with beautiful coloring and grain pattern. This Aromatic Cedar is quite different from the that used in Fences, arbors, and general architecture.

You can update your closet, bedroom, basement, pantry and more with natural-looking, aromatic cedar planking. A Cedar Natural Closet Liners provide a forest fresh aroma and moth and insect protection in a form that is safe, natural, and inexpensive. The planks help you prolong the life of your garments and other valuable personal items, as they protect them from pests and mildew.

Each plank has tongue-and-grooved sides, end-matched ends, smooth face. It is
install over wallboard or plaster walls.

Other common uses for aromatic red cedar includes closet and chest linings.

The installation process is a follows:
1. Remove all clothes, shoes, etc from closet and clean out dust.
2. The shelving and clothes hanging rods can be removed and reinstalled over the Cedar or the wood can be fitted around these to reduce a little costs and labor. Or new modern chromed-steel wire shelved can be installed on top of the Cedar.
3. Each plank is glued and toe nailed on the edge where it can’t be seen to the studs in the wall.
4. The shelving and hanging rods are reinstalled or replaced.
5. All of the cloths are rehung.

This is a good time to get rid of any cloths you no longer want.

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